The opulent boutique shopping experience & why you must do it.

How often have you heard or used the phrase “I have nothing to wear”? Answer: Infinite times. We are all doing it, luncheons, mini brunches, parties, catching up with friends and colleagues over it. Holding elegant soirees while munching on delectable goodies. Here is the tricky part though, how to be a highlight in such events? How not to turn up there, as a complete disaster. This is your girl bestie, whispering major advices, in one of those washroom breaks.

First decode the invite, what is the occasion? What time? Is it an early lunch or continues till sun down? What is the weather or climate like? Sounds basic right? However it’s not. This is where most girls stumble, but no more.

To buy or not to buy?

That is the question which haunts us women, as we walk down the aisles of a physical store or scroll through online. A sullen mood, a small victory, or just a change of heart, literally anything can get us into a hyperactive shopping mode. Ladies are you always on the prowl for new styles, unique clothing, and trendy yet exquisite ensembles?

Well here are 5 reasons why you should try shopping from boutiques.
1. Fresh Fashion always:-

Gone are the day of same drab stuff on displays, boutique fashion brings you adaptable fresh fashion always, with plenty to choose from. Be it the countless weddings you will attend this summer, late night parties or daily fashion. Vastrique has all the must haves for a wedding attendees closet, parties or everyday unique outfits. Cocktail gowns, anarkalis, high low dresses, shorts, skirts we have you covered.

2. Curated Styles just for you:-

Whether you be a curvy beauty or an hourglass damsel, boutique outfits are picked out, with much thought, just for you. Wear a structured dress in a basic colour, or layer on with a straight fit jacket, you can also opt for a linen saree, with minimal design and relaxed pleats, in case of sunny days and outdoor venues, add on hats and shades for that X factor. For a more formal setting, dress in a top and relaxed trousers, or palazzo pants, belts can be simple draw string to accentuate the waist.

3. No Compromise on Quality:-

Worried about the fabric, cut, silhouette, flow? Boutique clothing has it covered for you. Your clothes are meticulously crafted by artisans, coz you are a diva and you deserve no less. Invest in fabrics, quirky, vintage, sheer, colour blocked, wool, embroidered, whatever catches your fancy.

4. Experimental Drapes:-

Loved something on a favourite actress, or on the pages of a glossy magazine? Wondering where you had find it? Probably we have it for you, exclusive outfits that are modern and versatile. These are recommended by fashion bloggers to make you look runway ready. This one is for the treasured insta posts and wow reacts.

5. A Luxurious Experience:-

Boutique clothing is all about the opulence, with rich brocades, silk and satin sheens. You are ensured of a hassle free, trustworthy buying experience.

Introducing Vastrique. A newly launched one-of-a-kind shopping platform which caters to your need for exclusive clothing sourced from various boutiques in India, for a unique shopping experience at sensible price points.

Affordable Luxury:-

Besties don’t pinch your pockets and this new bestie around the corner ( , definitely has your budget in mind. Branded designer wear without the heavier price tags lets you indulge and feel the luxury at sensible price points.

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